Hi, upon checking my logs after our school Spring Break, I found this
message in the Netware 6.5 Server Error Logs appearing once per day for
the past week:

4-2-2007 4:44:26 am: SERVER-5.70-3651
Severity = 1 Locus = 14 Class = 2
Server Base License update failed 0xC0001001

The Netware 6.5 server is responsive to logins today with no other
errors noted in the logs. We are a K-12 school district with (what I
believe is) valid Novell licenses for our product. I tried looking
online and in Novell's knowledge base for information on where to find
and fix the problem (if there truly is a problem), but to no good
effect. Can anyone help point the direction I should start my

Thanx, Mike