After installing SP6 to a NW65Sp5 server I have experienced the server
rebooting every couple of hours and then staying up for 5 ro 6 hours and
going into a cycle of reboots. I get no abend's or log files. I have
looked at the NRM and see nothing. When I first applied SP6 I did not
issue the NSS /NoTransAction command. So I followed instructions to
correct that and loaded the NSS.NLM and *.nss files from SP5 started the
server with server -na issues the /NoTransAction command and then copied
back the NNSS.NLM and *.nss files from SP6 and restarted the server.
At this point I re-ran SP6 and when it finished I loaded the post SP6
patches for libc. mm, cifs, portal and winsock.

I checked the pool (only run sys and _admin on this server) with a nss
status and poolverify which returned no errors.

I suspected memory so I restarted the server with the server -u665000000.

Additionally, I have unload the QLogic driver and ACPIDRV from the
startup.ncf. In case they may have been an issue.

I don't know where to look for an indication of what is happening.
No abends or log files??

Thanks for looking at this,