These memory issues have plagued Netware users since pre SP5. First
Novell will indicate to make certain memory tuning in SP5 then SP6
comes out, and they indicate that this patch corrects the problems.
Unfortunatly it does not. Now they say you need to remove all memory
tuning and set everything back to default. Then they turn around and
tell you to start tuning the memory again. They are doing nothing but
running in circles and burying their heads in the sand as far as I am
concerned. Netware is almost dead so my impression is that Novell just
does not care. They have Linux to contend with. Netware is on the
back burner with the fire slowly being turned off.

This is very disenchanting when you have stood by Novell you entire
career and they still can't seem to correct problems with their OS.

It appears this issue will never be corrected. Is it Novell issue or
is it Veritas' issue, who knows. All I know is that I understand why
our company is moving in the direction of Microsoft.

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