Greetings all--

We've been having an issue with our Netware 6.5 GroupWise server (HP
DL380 G3) having multiple abends on FATFS. This would usually happen
after about a day and a half. After reading several threads here,
here's what I did.

Upgraded the BIOS on the server.
Ran ScanDisk on the C: drive and fixed some errors there.
Installed SP 6
Installed the CIFS update (325a)
Installed the LibC update (nwlibcj.exe)
Installed the WinSock update (wsock6k.exe)

The server has only been up for 17 hours, so I don't know if I've fixed
anything, but the Total Cache Buffers has dropped from 377K down to
182K. This seems rather rapid.

The only thing this server runs is GroupWise (6.5.7). GWPOA seems to be
taking up a lot of memory, but I'm not sure if that's an issue or not.

Any ideas on the memory leak? I see this was a common problem on
previous service packs, but I haven't seen anything related to SP6.
Have I missed any patches, or are there some I should not have applied?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Brian Simpson
Grove Park Inn