We have a NW 6.5 server SP5 running a Groupwise 7 MTA & POA, Symantec AV
and NDPS. We have an issue that roughly every week the server resets for no
apparent reason. We have not been able to issolate the cause, however, we
did notice that in the sys$log.err we get the following line before the
reset :-

04-04-2007 8:48:53 am: RMANSRVR-3.6-0
Severity = 2 Locus = 17 Class = 3
The Resource Management Service could not open the data file
SYS:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndef/Novell/HPLJ.NPD. Error code 1. Make sure
the file exists, is not protected and has not been corrupted, then try the
task again

Anybody got any ideas where I can start ? I do have an Abend.log if that
will help.