This is a Netware 6, edir 87.3.4 patched, server. We've been having
replica/obituary problems with it lately, so I was running an -XK3 dsrepair
on it this morning preparing for the backlink process. Near the end, I got
a red screen with memory allocation errors that caused me to end the
repair, and more memory errors back at the console prompt.

To free up the memory, I rebooted the server and that's when the trouble
started. It comes back, and I'm able to see all the volumes, but it
"appears" that the SYS volume is missing most of its folders. I can't
browse to them, run ANY dsrepair (with or without any options), NDPS won't
load because it can't "see" the broker or manager, etc. - for all intents
and purposes, it looks like the SYS volume is gone. When I try ANY dsrepair
options, it always returns with -795 error and says it can't open the local
database. I say it "appears" that everything is gone because I can go into
edit and browse all the files/folders on the SYS volume - but that is the
only way. As far as the other servers in the district are concerned, that
server is not communicating. When I try to copy files to that volume, it
tells me access denied. I can't repair it through Imanager either.

The -795 errors points to a hard drive failure, but there are no error
lights on the drives, and I can't see anything wrong in Insight Manager. I
also ran a NSS poolrebuild, but that didn't resolve anything.

If more info is necessary, let me know. I am stumped here and this is a
main student/production server, so it is kind of critical. Thanks for any
help available.