Netware 6.5 SP6

About a week ago we had an issue with the server running at unusually high
utilization. We rebooted the server and it hung up on a few errors:

CDM deactivated IBM Raid due to device failure
filesys.nlm could not be located
Device driver deactivated IBM Raid due to device failure

These are not word for word, but very similar to what we are getting. Now
for the kicker. If we boot up with F8 and do a server -na -ns -nl and
manually load startup.ncf all the stages 1-5 and the autoexec.ncf it will
boot just fine and everything operates properly. I have updated to the
latest bios, raid firmware, and raid drivers. It is an IBM xSeries 226
with IBM Raid device. It almost seems like the process it witch it auto
boots. Any ideas???