All of my 20 servers are having abends issues after installing SP6. It
appears to be related to usage. I need to focus on the ZenWorks and
GroupWise server first and hope to find the issue to apply to the other

After the SP6 install the servers started abending or dropping
communications to the network a couple of times a day. GroupWise would abend
with no pattern or time. ZenWorks would abend at off times and could be
abended with am image download.

I installed wsock6k ( both) and iprintnw656a (on ZenWorks Server). This did
not change the abend issues. I tried reloading SP6 on both servers and HP3
on the ZenWorks servers and then re-applying the post SP6 patches. Again no
change or pattern to the abends.

Backed rev the Winsock to wsock6j and tested with ZenWorks. It was a no
school day and we were able to image a lab all at once and the server
remained up all day (little printing). So I back revved the GroupWise server
to wsock6j and rebooted it.

This week the servers were abending about once a day.

GroupWise would loss communication at any time during the day, but would not
abend. GroupWise modules would start building threads and dropping users.
Restart or down would not bring it down and it required a power off to

ZenWorks would abend generally in the morning sometime and could be

The ZenWorks abend Log for yesterday is attached. It is only the first abend
as it appeared that second was caused by the first abend

Dan Koepke