I'm posting this here as well on coolsolutions, so I'm sorry if some of
you get a douple post, but figured I'd have more chances to get a
solution if I posted on both!

Any reason why running an "nss /poolverify" on pools would crash a
server? I have a 2 node cluster (NW6.0sp5 for both) and both servers
abend when the verify gets to 100%. The abend.log points to server.nlm,
but I have no clue why that would happen.

I have three Gateway 840 arrays, all configured alike and attached to
the cluster via SCSI.

Here's the contents of the abend.log for these events (I know it's
long, so I'm sorry for making you scroll so much!):

Oops, couldn't paste the abend.log due to space restrictions, so it's
at this URL:


And thanks for any input:)