Hi all,

We recently upgraded our GW6.5.5 server from NW6.0.5 to NW6.5.5. All was
fine for two weeks. Then the backup (BE9.1)locked the server, and we got
cache memory errors. Ran memcalc, memory looked better, but then tomcat
tanked for lack of memory. I've now removed all memory tuning.

The problem we have now is high utilization, with VM Judge and Cache
pool:0 being the busiest threads.

Wondering if I should run memcalc again, and then tweak Tomcat as in

We have many other NW6.5.5 servers, but none comparable (POA only). This
one runs a GW6.5.5 domain, POA, GWIA, Webacc, all patched up to 6.5.7.

Thanks as always
Len Bonk
Network Analyst
Community unit School District 200