This is going to sound dumb, I'm also not at work right now so I'll try
and give as best info as I can.

We have a NW6.0sp5 server (Dell 2800 with a Dell 124T LTO-3 Changer, 2G
ram), our backup software is Syncsort BackupExpress 2.3.2, this server
also run's GroupWise 7.0.1, NetSheld 4.63 (not patched) Zen 4 (no sure
which IR)

I can't make it abend everytime, its almost like its running out of
memory over time and then dies. Over the pass couple of days I've been
running backup jobs one after another to try and catch what was going
on. I think I ran about 10 full jobs and then it finally abend. Which
sounds about right cause it would stay up for about a week of so then

So when the backup startes, it runs - frist it backup's GroupWise then
it does two other volumes. I can see the job finshing - right at the
end of the job log it does a catalog and hangs there for a bit. At this
time the CPU 0 was pinned at 100% and then in a few seconds it abends.
I'm also not getting any updates to the abend log.

I've checked to make sure our TSA's NWTAPE drivers are updated. Was
looking at the patch for MM.NLM not sure if that would do anything.
Also would like to try the HotFix out for NetShld 4.63 but have to get
it from someone. Also thinking it could be hardware....

ANything we might be missing that we should look at?