On a NW6.5 SP5 server when going to <server>:2200/phpMyAdmin/index.php it
shuts down the admin instance of Apache and brings the following message to
the console:

4-26-2007 11:13:15 am: SERVER-5.70-2187 [nmID=D0006]
Removed address space because of memory protection violation
Address Space: ADMINSRV
Reason: Free detected corrupt preceeding redzone for node 0xC0D8AD40
Running Thread: Apache_Worker 2
EIP: 0x97932CA6 (???.NLM + 0x0)

admsrvup brings Apache up again and everything is fine until someone tries
accessing phpMyAdmin.

There have been several similar posts in this forum but no solution was
offered (except in the context of phpMyAdmin with NW 6.5 SP6).

I am wondering if someone came up with a fix for this problem?