I have run in to this situation on a number of servers after upgrading to
NW6.5 SP6. I get this type of message on the console -
"Cache Memory Allocator out of Available Memory"
"Short term Memory Allocator is out of memory. 3 Attempts to get more
memory failed. request size in bytes 144954163 from module RTVSCAN.NLM"

Servers have 2+ GB RAM. Available cache buffers seems fine. So far no
problem with file and print services.

Looks like a memory leak. Does not occur if Symantec Corp Ed. 10.1 is
unloaded. I have applied the latest Symantec patch. I don't know whose
problem it is, Novell's or Symantec. SP6 initiated the problem. I was
hoping there would be a Novell patch to address this issue.

Anyone seen this? Fix?