Hopefully this is not posted more than once. The last two times I have
submitted a message, it does not show up in the Forum, at least I can't see
it so if anyone has replied, I can't see that either!

We had to physically power off our NW6.5 SP5 server (a couple of days ago)
because it was locked. I believe it is the Cache Memory Allocator problem we
have experienced before.
We use Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edtion 10.1.5 which I have read in the
forums can contribute to this problem.
Because of that, about 10 days ago I installed SP5 (we had SP3 before).
After SP5, I installed nw65sp5upd1.exe and iprntnw65sp5d.exe.

I have attached a config.txt. The abend log does not show anything since
December 2005 I believe and with the console locked on the Symantec
Anti-Virus screen, I could not see any message (if there was one).
I have been looking at TID 3920657 and reloaded TSAFS per the
One of the other recommendations in the TID is the 'Set File Cache Maximum
Our server is set at 1073741825.
The TID recommends for NW65 SP4 or greater to have is set at 2147483648. I
have not made this change yet.

Not sure what to do at this point. Give it another week to see if it locks
again? The first time was on April 23rd, second time May 1st.
Any ideas would be appreciated!