I have a PowerEdge 1750 with Novell OES, Netware 6.5 SP03. This server has
GW7.0.2, GWAVA 3.70, and McAfee NetShield 4.63. Out of no-where, NLM's will
unload and reload. The server doesn't ABEND nor does it go down flat. Just
services stop, and I have to shut it down and cold boot it to get it going
again. This event will occur two to three times in one day, but then I won't
see it again for about a month. The logger screen and log files don't give
away the source of the problem. What could be the issue here?

When this first happened, I was thinking it was a power issue with the UPS,
but now I'm not so sure. I was also going to update Netware to 6.5 SP6
because I suspected a memory leak, but every server that I tried to upgrade
would crash and I would have to do a "down server upgrade". I remember there
was a problem with an .ini that BTRIEVE.NLM use to rely on (I can't remember
the details), but I thought that was taken care of with Netware 6.5.

In the health log I see:
CPU Utilization-0 on server GWSrv was in a BAD State
Current Value - 99
Peak Value - 100
Max Value - 100
Current SUSPECT threshold = More than 85 % Utilization and Critical
threshold = More than 95 % Utilization
Current SUSPECT trigger delay = 60 and Critical trigger delay = 120

In the nisserv log I see:
Info:375:5-11-2007 10:22:18 am : DNS Resolution disabled
Info:385:5-11-2007 10:22:18 am : NO DOMAINS BEING SERVED BY NIS SERVER

Sorry for the long post. Any help would be appreciated.