With the abundance of abends post SP6 seen personally and in this forum, all
seemingly related somehow to multiprocessor issues - could those enlightened
provide a contrast of the advantages/disadvantages of using ACPIDRV.PSM vs
MPS14.PSM? It seems a given that Hyper-threading should be disabled in any
case but what for those of us with true dual/multiple processors? Disabling
the second processor altogether seems extreme? Would a better solution be to
use the older MPS14.PSM module? I have some older IBM X series 330's with
dual PIII's that won't even boot with ACPIDRV.PSM in startup.ncf.
Our newer IBM x345's and x346's with ACPIDRV.PSM randomly abend - most
often when resetting the server but not restarting it. Yes - strange I know.
Wsock6l was also very problematic on all these box's and so now running
wsock from SP5 with all other updates per the wiki. Still sometimes an abend
though when restarting the servers. Mostly stable otherwise...
If ACPIDRV.PSM is definitely still preferred over MSP14.PSM then what is
the earliest or preferred place in the startup process where the secondary
processor can be disabled? And how exactly to do so properly would also be