I'm not sure if this is really a GroupWise question, or just a general
protected memory question. We have a 9-node cluster (NetWare 6.5 SP5)
with GroupWise 7.0.2 installed. Beginning yesterday, we have had
several instances where one of our e-mail POs has become unresponsive.
Upon looking at the console, we can see that the protected memory space
has been restarting itself, but we don't know where to start
troubleshooting this.

I would assume that something in the space is ABENDing and causing the
space to restart itself. The problem is that nothing is being written
to the ABEND log. Does this only get updated if it takes down the whole
server somehow? I have dug through the OES documentation on protected
memory and can't find anything that will help me troubleshoot.

Are there any suggestions on where to start with this?