I am posting here hoping to find some insight on a problem we are having.
We have been through Novell Support and IBM Support with no luck. The
issue is that our server completely locks up randomly. Sometimes it
happens every 2-3 days, sometimes it happens after a week passing. When it
locks up, the server will not respond in any way, no response from
keyboard as well. We have to power cycle the server to get it back up.
Novell says its a hardware issue, IBM says its a software issue. We are at
our wits end. The server is running DNS/DHCP, 3 GW 6.5.2 POs, Symantec AV
9, & Tivoli Storage Manager client. We have a 683 GB Sys volume, RAID 5.
This is running on a IBM x series 3650 MT 7979 with an 8K RAID controller.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!