Having had troubles with winsock as of Netware 6.5 SP6, I've back-
revved to the SP5 winsock modules.

Right now I'm updating an NW65SP4 server to SP5. I don't like mixing
parts from different SP's, and i'm a bit tired of beta-testing

Recently, Novell published Winsock Suite Update 6.23.02 as a Beta
patch. groups.google.com give's me 2 pages of problems with this

Does anyone have positive results with this release? Are all stories I
find looking for "netware 6.5 winsock 6.23.02" just merely containing
this module/version in an NLM listing or is 6.23.02 still just for the

Just would like to get a general opinion about this beta-release.

Thomas Roes
There is no one at thomasr1@xs4all.nl