I am busy plodding through some testing to upgrade our servers from NW6.5
SP2/3 to SP6 (with the post SP6 patches appplied)
So far my test servers have been pretty unpredictable in their results.

My one test server reports "Cache memory allocator out of available memory"
and also sent out a broadcast message to the affect that the "Service
Registry" for the Broker is being disabled due to low memory conditions. It
then go's on to say " Either enable another Service Registry, or make sure
this server has sufficient memory available and re-enable the registry"

Ok, it is a test server and is "marginal" on memory, but what does it mean
by enabling / re-enabling the registry and how do I do that?

Also - what "tuning" can I do for memory? Or more exactly - how can I track
which modules are growing and using up the memory or have memory leaks other
than doing screen prints of the loaded nlm's from the web interface

Thanks for any help - Mark