Server running basically everything... GW 702, ZfD7, NWAgent and
antivirus... Dell PowerEdge 2600 P2400 w/ 2 gigs of RAM, RAID 5.

NW 6.5.5 cpr

This morning, as people came in and started logging in, it stopped
responding to requests. There is nothing in the Abend log, and as near as I
could tell (client rebooted it THEN called me) the server was not hung.

The only hints are in the server health log, where it's clear that the
number of available ECBs was a problem during this time. The last log entry
says that the CPU is hung at 100%.

TID 3450200 hints at something like this, but I don't have a core dump to
prove this.


Four hours after reboot, the system is having trouble with logins, as
clients report getting "tree or server not found" when trying to login. IF
I put in the IP address of the server, then it runs fine.


Any ideas?


Tim Wohlford, CNE