Here is an odd one. Over the past several weeks I have had two servers
running MW6.5 SP6 just shut themselves down simultaneously and I mean
"shut down". They power down completely. It does not happen on a
predictable schedule, but when it does, both servers shut down at exactly
the same time. There is nothing in the abend logs or any other log files I
can find that even hints at why they shut down. The servers are two
completely different hardware configurations, different brands, models,
processors etc.

Now for the really strange part. Two days ago two more servers joined in
on the fun. All four(4) servers shut down simultaneously. The two that
were originally having the problem just shut down while the other two
rebooted. This all happened at the exact same moment. Again, as before, no
indication of any kind as to what happened or why, absolutely nothing in
the logs anywhere on any of the servers.

Is there anyone who has expereinced this sort of problem with even one
server who can shed some light on what is happening?