Server is Netware 6.0 SP3 about 4 years old - has been very reliable.

Today - after a three-day weekend! - it crashes. First one everything is
frozen - keyboard, the works. Had to unplug to restart. It started fine
and we all went to work. About an hour later it happened again. Same
thing, unplug and restart. This time I backed up user files - well, most
of them.

Three hours later it crashes again. Now I am into multiple restarts and
each time it gets LESS deeply into the reboot process. At one point I got
a message that said:

PO Need to Clear NMI type gp to continue so I did and it did.

But still no connectivity.

Restart again HTTPSTK.NLM failed. Frozen, reboot

Message says TCPIP Support is not configured correctly - instructed to
configure it correctly and try again. But since the machine freezes, how
can I configure anything??

Now I am pretty consistently getting through "Processing start 1 loading
of nlms" and then when it says "Scanning for Devices & Partitions" I get
the following:

"Auto Restart After Abend" has been selected. The server will attempt to
go down in 2 minutes. THis should give the users time to save...."
"5-29-2007 6:26:20 p.m.: SERVER-5.60-4 [nmID=1001B]
WARNING: Server has experienced a critical error. It is going down in 2
minutes. Save your files and logout."

At this point all is frozen - no toggle between screens or anything.

I have checked the help files and they mention things like check to see
which nlm is causing the problem - I have no idea. It mentions updating
to most recent SP but I don't know how to do that if the machine won't