Hello all, and thanks in advance for any time and thought you might give
this problem.

I administer a two node, NW 6.0 SP5 native cluster. The sever that usually
runs and the primary has abended three times in the last two months. The
last time it was still the secondary server but SLPDA runs on it.

The cause seems to be a memory leak since the system error and server health
logs have memory errors in their last entries before the abend (sample

Since the last abend I have been checking the Remote Manager modules list
and SLPDA.NLM has beem eating up more memory every day: 38MB an
hour after restart, 120MB Tuesday, 199MB yesterday, 243MB today.

Since I have rebooted and the problem comes back, could the SLPDA.NLM
file be corrupted but still able to load?

Can I just replace SLPDA.nlm with a clean copy or should I look somewhere

I've searched the TIDs but haven't found anything that seems relevant.

System error log

5-19-2007 7:39:53 am: SERVER-5.60-0
Severity = 5 Locus = 1 Class = 1
Short term memory allocator is out of memory.
4 attempts to get more memory failed.
request size in bytes 38 from Module SLPDA.NLM

Server health log

Saturday, 5-19-2007 7:34 am
Virtual Memory Performance on server CIESERVER2 was in a BAD State
Current Value - N/A
Peak Value - N/A
Max Value - N/A
Current SUSPECT threshold = N/A and Critical threshold = N/A