Hi Guys,

Anyone know why this is happening?

OES/NW 6.5 SP6 and it has the iprntnw65sp6f patches already.
It hangs the printmanager and requires a hard reset of the server to

Seems to happen just after ndpsgw autoloads after ndpsm at some point.

Is the load order or positioning of the iprint/ndps nlms in autoexec a
I replaced the files again on general principles and commented them out.

After the server was running, I loaded them one at a time,

Started with load ndpsm.nlm smcprintmanager.st_marks

It gave me an error of
Error (327682) occurred while creating a Service Registry reference.

But it didn't abend and seems to be working,

load broker smcbroker.st_marks
loaded with no errors I could see.
load ndpsgw.nlm seemed to do nothing.
ndspgw seems to load numerous times, does this need to be done here or not?

Actual lines from autoexec.ncf are:
load ndpsm.nlm smcprintmanager.st_marks
load broker.nlm smcbroker.st_marks
load ndpsgw.nlm

Commenting them out stops the server abending, sometimes it's worse than
others and crashes,
mostly it records the abend, printmanager hangs solid and can't be

If you want the entire abend.log entry, sing out.

NDPS seems a little twitchy at best. We have some issues loading drivers
from the broker.
You install the driver, some load when you install the printer, others will
popup a message that there is no valid driver, what's wierder is that
sometimes if you hit the cancel or ok at the right moment, it will suddenly
decide to load the driver from the broker, other times you have to do it

Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
PVER: 6.50.06

Server TECHSUPPORT halted Friday, 1 June 2007 6:24:43.322 pm
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.06: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code

CS = 0060 DS = 007B ES = 007B FS = 007B GS = 007B SS = 0068
EAX = 00000004 EBX = 97200354 ECX = 00000007 EDX = 00000000
ESI = 00000000 EDI = 00000000 EBP = 972002CC ESP = 972002A0
EIP = 9AC682F6 FLAGS = 00010246
9AC682F6 8B448814 MOV EAX, [EAX+ECX*4+14]=?
EIP in NDPSM.NLM at code start +000622F6h
Access Location: 0x00000034

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
9AC682F6 8B448814 MOV EAX, [EAX+ECX*4+14]
9AC682FA 3945DC CMP [EBP-24], EAX
9AC682FD 7426 JZ 9AC68325
9AC68301 7511 JNZ 9AC68314
9AC6830A B801000000 MOV EAX, 00000001
9AC6830F E98C000000 JMP 9AC683A0
9AC68314 8B55E0 MOV EDX, [EBP-20]
9AC68317 8945DC MOV [EBP-24], EAX



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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