Have NW 6.5 sp5 server. Loaded up and configured knowledgebasepublisher,
but could not get the client or admin screens to show. After some
research, figured out I need to add include
sys:/apache2/conf/mod_php.conf to the
http.conf file, which I did manually, then used iManager to stop and
restart the apache server. Apache started up fine no problems (I
thought it had abended, but when I did all this a 2nd time, it does not
abend at this point).

I then tried to access the client page for the KB, and that's when it
abends Apache2 (see attached abend log). I haven't found anything
searching Novell or other user forums. Is it possible the script
provided isn't compatible with PHP 5.05? My understanding is that
scripts in version 4.x should be ok in upwards versions. I have tried
to find a resource that would allow me to scan the scripts to see if
there are compatibility issues b/w versions, but have had no luck. I'm
not a PHP programmer, so I'm kinda stuck here.

Thanks for any help or ideas!


|Filename: 81d1181228535-php-5-issues-abend.txt |
|Download: http://www.ndsengineers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=82|