I upgraded a small business server 6.5 sp5 to the latest servicepack 6.
(nw65sp6). Now I experience multiple abends. A blue screen with spinlock
messages, blablabla.
There is no logging written to the abend.log. Every 2 or 3 days the server
needs to be reset. Is there a way to force the server to write the error to
the abend log to see what error I am dealing with? I already put the default
'auto restart after abend' to 0 (was 1), but that does not do the trick. I
now use option 3 and hope that this will force to write to the logfile.

Further I already patched the server already with the other post-sp6 patches
, like iprint and portal.nlm, libc, and winsock but unfortunately nothing

The big change was upgrading from sp5 to sp6 and further arcserve's nwagent
to 11.5sp3 (was 11.5sp2)

Further gw65sp6 and gwm201 are also running on this system as a sybase 8

The server's hardware is a Dell's (sc600) server.

Thanks in advance,
Tjierp Estwerds