Hey there,

I rebooted my server today, and most of my sys: files were gone. My assumption is that someone really got me good.

NW OES sp6.

The server does boot, but the NICI stuff is gone, most of the files in sys:system are gone. I can still load my ham and cdm drivers to get to my data. I am going to be using portlock to back it all off before I begin anything.

I truly could use some help here.

First, this is my master server, containing the master replica of my tree. I do have several other R/W replicas out there. Should I promote one of them? How? Nobody can do anything right now.

This server was also the CA and did most of the work for our network. It was the Mail server too.

Should I attempt a in-place upgrade? I was looking for some good instructions, but couldn't find any. I remember having to exit out of the server install, type a few commands, and then let it do its thing.

Any help would be appreciated.


Tom Hafemann