Last friday i was called towards a nw65 server which was abending on
nss, after a quick look, it looked that or the scsi controller or a
memory module was defect.

After removing the controller and swapping memory, the server did do
some more but was still abending.

Even after removing nearly everything from the autoexec.ncf, the
server kept on abending on boot.

So more defects on the hardware was the basic idea.

Today i swapped the discs into a new machine, and to my surprise, it
still was abending with nss errors and directly deactivating the disc

If the server was booted without autoexec.ncf, it did run fine.

But as soon as portal or tomcat was loaded, the server did deactivate
the controller and with that the volumes.

poolrebuild did not find any errors
pkidiag did not find any errors

After removing the certificates from the edirectory and recreate them
with pkidiag and rebuild the keystore with tcedirint.ncf all did work

Has anyone ever seen this ever?

Alex Warmerdam