Last night our nw6.5 SP5 server froze. (edir Server in place 2
years. Dell Poweredge 2850.
Had to power server off and on to access.
No messages. Can't find anything in a log.
What can I run to get some info? Isn't there a 'config' something I can run
at the console to get a report?

This happened a couple of months ago, shortly after upgrading Symantec Corp
Edition. It seemed to lock up after running a server scan. The server scan
has been turned off and even if it had not, it is only scheduled to run on
Sunday nights.
Two months ago when this happened I posted it and at that time, per the
recommendation in the forum, I went into the server BIOS and disabled
'Logical Processor'.
I can't remember now, but we don't use NSS (only SYS volume), we have
Traditional volumes.
We are not low on disk space. Last night after the server came up, I did a
health check and it came out good. Server has 3GB of RAM.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you,