Dear Sir/Miss,

I have a BIG BIG problem. When I idle the server over night, the server
will be hang or black screen and we cannot ping this server. The detail
information is shown as below:

I have set up six Novell 6.5 OES server with SP5. The hardware spec. is
IBM X series server X3650 type 7979. The RAID controller card is SERVER
RAID 8K. These servers is used RAID1 or RAID1E. The SERVER RAID 8K had
already upgraded to 11844 firmware and the server BIOS had already
upgraded to ver 1.05. I have Ultra 320 scsi card to connect to tape
device. In these server, I have already loaded the new version of SERVER
RAID module. The version is 5.2.

But these servers always hang up over night.

Would you mind to help to give me some suggestion or solutions:?????

Thanks a lot
and Many THKS