Since pushing ConsoleOne V 1.3.6f out to our support people I have picked up
a nasty problem .
When browsing a users File/Directory rights in C1, as soon as they select
the server volume the server falls over and I need to hit ctl-alt-del on it
to reboot it.

I suspect possibly nds rights of our support group may need some
changing/modifying with ConsoleOne V 1.3.6f as they were ok with previous

Full Admin accounts have no issues at all.

The server indicates "CPU hog detected" and the abends occur in various
modules each time (server, judgemetering, netdb etc.) and pretty much
instantaneously when the volume is selected.

Unfortunately I have not been able to test this out on any of our local
production servers to see if it is isolated or not (the users would be most
upset if I did).
Only on our Aust servers as there is a timelag of a few hours so no users
logged in there yet early in the morning.

It is possible it is related to that specific server, but it is also
possible that all our servers may have the same condition and have had to
tell our support group to not use that particular field in C1.

Any suggestions of where to look next before passing over to Tech Support?

Thanks - Mark