Hi, I had an engieer in to replace the motherboard on one of my eDirectory
servers (DL380 G2) which changed the slot parameters around on the onboard

I have noticed that the NIC stats are showing the Received Failed Packets
Too Big count to be in the millions.

I've just tried to reinitialize via inetcfg after changing one of the slot
numbers for one of the cards and lost communication (the joys of remote
working) with the server.

My ops could not get past the screen saver which kicked in as it would not
accept my admin and password combo (2 infact) so did a 4 finger salute.
Now it will not load past GAMS.NLM, just sits there. Tried a second reboot
but same result.

My only hope in the morning is to disable the NIC cards in the BIOS and
then hope the server boots without nic (which it did the first time the
server booted with the new board).

Anyone any ideas why it won't get past this NLM load??

Any Help appriciated - regard, Paul.