I am in the process of setting up a scoped DA on one of our servers and it
is continually eating memory up. Only a couple days after reboot here are
the statistics from remote manager:
SLP HTTP Support Memory 0 0 KB
SLP DA Communications Memory 502177392 478 MB
SLP DA Service Memory 187880 183 KB
SLP DA General Memory Allocations 18628 18 KB

3616 MB collected

This just doesn't seem right. The server is running OES Netware 6.5 sp5
and the slp version is 2.13. Any ideas ? The servers primary purpose is
an ldap server. We are in the process of removing ipx from our
environment (finally) and I was having problems with random drives not
mapping etc, thus my reason for setting up the DA. It seems to have fixed
the problems with login scripts, but the server has not been very stable
since configuring it. Please help! Thanks!