Have a weird issue.

Have a client who has two city center sites that are connected by a 16Mb
wireless microwave link.

What make this unique is that the network is bridged across the connection
(i.e. like VLANs) so that it seems to be one single LAN.

The link is normally good, however, there have been times when the link
goes down (say for a construction crane or local interference) Problem is
that when the link does down, the servers on the far end start to Abend
immediately and often! Usually resulting in a frozen server with the
Multiple Abends error screen. What is also strange is that nothing is
written to the Abend.log!

For obvious reason I am not allowed to do much testing, but when I try to
replicate the problem by removing the network cable from the back of a
server, I do NOT get the same response. Sure, the server beeps and
complains about not being able to see it's brothers and sisters, but no

Unfortunately I don't have a spare wireless microwave link to play with,
so I need to work on this problem purely in my head!

My current working theory is that the problem has something to due with
the number of hops it takes to get to the replication partners. That
near-server and far-server think they are sitting right next to each other
when in fact they are on opposite sides of the city. And that since the
network is actually still up on both sides (it is just that the two sides
are unable to talk) the server expects to see/hear something that is does

Any ideas?