This refers back to a thread by Alexander Astviken on May 4, 07. I also
had problems with the ndps manager freezing after applying the sp6f
update. The problem would generally start with a printer being stuck on
a job, making it impossible to clear the queue, and therefore the
manager. At that point, it's game over. The only way to unload the print
manager was to hit the power button on the server. I had the problem
several times and tried to wait it out, and tried to unload through
imanager or RM. No dice.

I backreved to the previous version of the 3 nlms last week. Today, my
print server abended and the abend log showed ndpsgw as the culprit.
It's clustered, so the other node took over with no problems. I've moved
printing back to the original node, so we'll see if that's just a fluke.
Any more iprint updates in the works?