Ok, I have an ongoing issue with ONE NW6.5 server that we updated to sp6
about 6 weeks ago and I’ve read many support threads on the subject,
but I am still stumped and having problems. My other servers run just
fine. The server in question runs fine for anywhere from 2 days to 2
weeks. The problem we have is that on certain mornings after backup
completes (at around 3am) the server’s utilization is higher than
normal thereafter and is VERY noticeable and must be restarted to correct
the problem. We run BE9.2 and have applied various updates without
effect. I believe that BE seems to be the trigger but I don’t
believe it is ultimately the problem. We also have the exact same
configuration at other locations and they do no have the problem.

What I’ve noticed is that when it decides to go south cache buffers
evaporate and do not return. Is that the result of something earlier, or
the backup..that is the question. But it does not do this every time and
I have had several successful backups with no issue afterwards. I suspect
we might have a ds replication issues as we were getting some zen alarms
(Unable to obtain a connection license unit) until the server was bounced
this morning. As soon as we restart the server the alarms stop and
utilization is fine once again for a few days.

Below are some of the threads I noticed in nrm just before the restart.
The server had been up for three days prior to it dying last night. The
cache-pool thread showed that it had been running for 5 hours, which is
when backup completed. So again, this seems to point to BE once again.
We’ve tried multiple versions of BE (9.1 and 9.2 and different minor
revs therein). This all started right after SP6, so I still suspect some
core nlm. I’ve updated nwlib6j.exe as per another post with similar
issues and it had no effect. Any thoughts and idea would be GREATLY

Total Execution Time hours: 15, minutes: 26, seconds: 47, milliseconds: 760
MP Status In classic NetWare
Stack Bottom 84EBD000
Current Stack Pointer 84EC4DBC
Stack Top 84EC4F80
Stack Size 32,640 Bytes
Suspend Reason Delayed
Work Description SkulkerProc (Outbound Replication)

Active Work To Do Information
Work To Do ID 898A3844
Work Location 8A329CE2 (DS.NLM|BackgroundEvent+0)
Work To Do Description DS AES Process
Work Owner DS.NLM

Thread Name Cache Pool:0
Thread ID 84E183C0
Processor Assignment 0
Total Execution Time hours: 5, minutes: 58, seconds: 21, milliseconds: 794
MP Status In classic NetWare
Stack Bottom 84B74000
Current Stack Pointer 84B77F8C
Stack Top 84B77FFC
Stack Size 16,380 Bytes