We have Novell Netware 6.5 SP6 with all post fixes. We have also Netware
Cluster with
two nodes on HP blade server BL25p G1.

We have problems with IP packets loss.

If you ping Netware servers from windows workstation or server we loss about
1% of all pings.

We also use Novell Novell TCPIP Fault tolerance on two embedded network

If we disable one Network card, then everything works fine. Problem is not
with Cisco switches, because
we don't have any problems with windows or linux servers.

There is also one other strange thing about this two Netware servers. As I
said we have
LAN TCPIP Fault tolerance on Netware (configured with INETCFG). So, one LAN
interface card is set
for primary interface, other is standby. We are not using load balancing.
How it is then possible that
file archiving software (Symantec backup Exec Agent) works on standby LAN
interface card ?

Any ideas or TIPs ?
Roman Lenarsic