I have netware 6.5sp5 servers (dell 2900's) that seem to forget their
auth entries. I have found a post here suggesting that I load toolbox
with the -nl switch for no login which I may infact do as my crontab
files just execute a series of purges and unnattended dsrepairs.

A little history on the problem: We changed the password for our
server admin account a while back ago and went manually through the
servers to change their auth entries so they matched the new
login/pass, executed the cron jobs to ensure that they still worked but
servers started to abend on No auth entry found. I would reboot the
server, remove any auth entries, purge a volume and save the auth entry
when finished, then reboot the server again. I waited untill the next
cycle and all the servers ran their crontabs without incident. One of
these boxes that I figured 'fixed' suffered a power outage of some sort
and again lost its auth entry.

I guess to make a long story less long...has anybody ever come accross
what makes these servers loose their auth entries. I have never had
these problems with toolbox/auth untill recently and have been running
these jobs for years (netware 6sp5/6.5sp5).