I'm having a problem with a NW 6.5 sp2 server. Every day at approx 7:20pm
the server abends / hangs. No client can connect to it. Other servers in
the tree lose connection with it. The console screen is frozen. Even the
keystrokes to bring up the debugger (shift-shift-alt-esc) have no effect.
We have to power cycle the server to bring it back up. Then it is fine
until about 7:20 PM again. I can't find any process that launches at that
time. Zen4 workstation cleanup and inventory starts at 5pm, but it's hard
to think that it runs from 5pm to 7:20 every day and freezes the server.
This server was running fine until we installed a new Tivoli backup client
about a week ago. We have since removed Tivoli from the autoexec so it
isn't even running. I have looked for the Tivoli nlm's in the list of
loaded modules and they are not there.

If I could get an abend log or a console error message, some information
about what is happening, I could troubleshoot this. At this moment I have
no information, just a server that hangs at the same time every day, and
the fact that we install one updated app that is no longer running.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate the input.