I am having a problem getting a Dell Poweredge 2850 server, with Netware
6.1 running on it, to run again. It suddenly stopped working, and the GUI
did not work, so I tried restarting it with ctrl-alt-esc, however that
displayed a LOT of DOS messages and stopped and hanged at

ACPICMGR.NLM: Starting Shutdown Timer (30 Seconds).
Type: "SHUTDOWN ABORT" at the Console Prompt to Halt Shutdown

ACPICMGR.NLM: Initiating Netware Server Shutdown.

I tried turning the server off manually, but then it would not boot up. I
switched the enternet cable to a different port in the back and it seemed
to boot up, but hanged at the red and white Netware Welcome screen, so I
did ctrl-alt-esc and tried shutting down again, but I got the same problem
as before.

I need to get this server up *ASAP*. If anyone could give some help, I
would really appreciate it.

Thank you.