We've purchased an 100User OES. Some questions:

1. Is it right that we can install as many OES/Linux Server as we like?
2. Is it right, that we've purchased six (6) RedCarpet accounts for our
3. We've tested the first OES in our lab wirh OnlineUpdates (commandline
with *rug*)- now i want to reinstall the Server (inkludng a new CA and
everything). What about the RedCarpet account? Can I reuse it? How? Or
will it be kept?
4. Can I install a local Server for Updates, so our Servers (and later
the NLD-Clients) can use the local Server instead of getting all from
the internet? Is there any howto?
5. How ist the user-limit working?

THX in advance for your help.

Christian Völker