Howdy All!
We have an issue with our Console One now that we have extended the schema in our tree for OES Linux. We had a NW6.5/6.0 tree, we then extended the schema to prepare for the OES Linux Server, and then our Console One stopped working properly. We get the following error message(s) when we try and open a user object: Error Message VALUE_NOT_WITHIN_BOUNDS and Error Message VALUE_NOT_WITHIN_BOUNDS Unable to get the details for the selected object. Some pages may not be available.
On the first error, after you click close on the dialog window, the property pages look normal. As for the second error message, once it's closed you have to click close on several other error message like the first one, until finally it shows only a blank Other tab. We have since put in the Linux server and have now also added in an OES Netware server, but the Console One still has the same issues. I know the new thing to use is iManager, and I don't want any replies saying such. We have Groupwise and Zenworks we have to manage from Console One, and right now we are in a bit of a pickle. Has anyone seen or had this problem? Anyone know of a resolution? Thanks for any help.


Matthew Pierce
Microcomputer Specialist
Texas A&M University
Office of the Vice President for Research