I am working my way through OES Linux and having an issue with the
concept of home folders. I have created a NSS volumes called "V1" -
under "V1" I have a folder called "users" where I am creating my Edir
users home folders. All is well here - I can map the home folder via
Netware Client like always - I can access this same home folder via
Samba shares.

My question is - when you login to Suse as the LUM user to create the
home folder it defaults to /home/$U - is there a way to make the
default LUM home folder be the same as the Edir folder? I think I
could change the mount point for /home to the location in the NSS
volume but I would like to create home folders in seperate locations
for Staff and Students.

Am I looking at this the wrong way and should the LUM home folder
simply be there to set the environment for the Suse login sessions?