I've installed our OES for testing several times.

Every installation I wonder about the SLP-settings. Reading all
documentation didn't help. So I will ask you here.

We want to set up a completely new eDirectory-Tree. No other (Novell/
Netware) products are running.
When installing there are three options for SLP. As I remind these are
these three:

1. Use SLP with multicast
2. Use an existing SLP-Server
3. Do not use SLP

Option 1 tells there will be a performance decrease (?)
Option 2 will not be choosen, because it's out first server
Option 3 tells me that it's only good for up to three eDirectory
servers. There will be six.

So which option should I use? For the first server and for all the other?

If I disable OpenSLP, does eDirectory serve any SLP-feautures?

For our needs we don't use SLP, but I think, eDirectory uses it.

So what to do? Is there an good link to this "problem" of the OES?