Hmmm... is there anybody here who can explain me the EMVS-things?

I've worked for some years with the LVM from Linux. For what ist the
evms good?
Ok, evms is afaik needed for nss, which is needed for an netware-volume.
But how can I use evams?

Our server hold serveral disks. I don't want the / go to evms, just the
data-disks. The data-disks are:
1x software-raid5 with 8 hdds (/dev/md2)
2x hardware-raid5 in a lvm2 volume group with two lvs on it
1x hardware-raid5 "free"

Are there any hints for using evms? I've read many docs, but didn't
understand it. Whats the advantage vs. LVM?

Take me on your hands, please ;)