Not sure if this is the right place for this...
Our company has a hodgepodge of an IT infrastructure: 1 office runs AD
successfully, 2 offices run AD unsuccessfully, 2 offices use NW 6.5 SP3.
We're finally going to one file sharing/directory solution...however, AD
is going to be the main directory since we just bought a very expensive
AD/IIS/MSSQL based HR/Accounting package. Due to the success of the NW
offices (<pat on back>the two I run...</pat on back>) the IT Manager
wants to go with Suse Linux OES. He has reservations about NW, but likes
the Novells tools (iFolder, iManager, iPrint, NetStorage, etc.). I know
that I can use Identity Manager (IDM) to sync AD and eDir. I know I can
use Samba with LDAP. What I need it to do is to have all the users in AD
replicated to the oes servers so that users can have mapped drives and
authenticate. Do I need eDir/LDAP with IDM sync'ed to AD with the users
using the novell client? And if I'm doing I need to use Samba
or is that what the linux version uses for file sharing?

Thanks in advance!