Test network -- Rookie linux user 3 Servers Linux 9 SP1 OES, NW 65, NW5.1

The intial install of Linux OES went off like a charm. Time in sync, server
in tree, etc. Tomorrow we start a training class and I wanted to remove the
linux server from the tree so I could reinstall it again tomorrow. I opened
Yast and went to Network Services -- edirectory and started the reconfig
thinking that would remove the edir from the tree. When I got to the new
tree/existing tree screen I aborted the installation. I opened a terminal
window and typed in the ndsconfig rm -a command and password. The message
was cannot start ndsd -- start manually. How do you start manually. When
you do start manually, is there any guarantee that the command line script
will work with the damaged nds? Is there anyway to salvage my nds or must I
start the test network again? Thanks Nancy