I am evaluating OES Linux in my shop to possibly replace some of our
Netware servers in the not too distant future. We do the basic stuff,
like file/print (NCP/NDPS(iPrint)), we also run web servers (Netware
Apache, Linux w/CF),and we also have to run an FTP server that provides
SSL / TLS encryption so that we can recieve jobs from a mainframe. This
last bit is the most very important because I haven't found an easy way
to do this under linux. It has to be FTP over SSL / TLS, it can't be
SFTP over SSH because the mainframe doesn't have an SFTP client, and we
(my dept) is not in control of the mainframe so we cannot dictate what
software they run. They have decided to go with FTP over SSL / TLS to
provide secure file transfer functionality. These jobs are automated
jobs that occur late at night, so just having a person grab them with
Filezilla is not a good option. It's easy to do this under Netware with
NWFTPD, but I'm having problems finding out how to do this on OES Linux.
I would also prefer to use something that is LUM enabled so that other
users from outside our network that we need to transfer files with could
also use this software. Right now these users connect via SFTP to my
netware box, but SFTP over SSH is painfully slow compared to FTP over
SSL when you are transferring large files (we aren't having them use ftp
over ssl b/c of a problem where we passive mode doesn't work b/c of our
firewall and then end user's firewall). I have seen some people talk
about VSFTPD, and others about PureFTPD, but I can't find much
documentation about how to get these to work on OES Linux and get them
LUM enabled and use SSL / TLS. Again, with netware, it's just a few
clicks in iManager. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.