After looking through a pile of documents I'm still at a lost on
creating a NSS volume.
When creating the partitions do I use the entire disk space or do I
leave some in reserve?
I came across a Lab Guide for Installing OES with Linux Kernel by Andy
He states he has a 70GB HDD, he uses 1GB for /boot; 30 GB for a )x8E
Linux LVM partition. Then he goes on to create a EVMS Container on the
30 GB partition, which he also creates a swap volume of at least 4.9GB
.. He then creates a system volume and format this as a reiser file
system. He use the maximum for this (I'm assuming this is only the
30GB that he has been working with. After the software install and
YAST updates of software and patches he goes on to create the drive
partition for EVMSstating this is require for setting up NSS volumes.
Where things goes catcus for me is when creating the pool, there is no
more drive space available (unless this is the remaining 40 GB from
the 70GB drive) but if it's like NetWare, you first create the
partitions then create the pools and assign these to the volumes you
want to create. The remaining 40 GB would just be unused drive space.

Does anyone know of of a simpler approach to creating NSS volumes on a
OES Linux system?